Five Things That Make Mobile Homes Better Than Conventional Housing Options

Mobile Homes 3Over the past few years not only have the prices of conventional homes fallen, but mobile homes have also lowered in value.

Now that the market is finally on the upswing, the mobile home market is set to appreciate in value as well.

For anyone looking to purchase a new place to live, this is an ideal option that is not only affordable, but provides a number of other benefits – especially to first time home buyers.

Five of the best reasons why you need to take a look at mobile homes are:

1. Better Prices Up Front

You are going to pay a lot less for one than you will for a traditional house. These homes are oftentimes one-tenth of the price of the same sized conventional home.

For those without the money or ability to purchase other housing types, mobile homes give you a great opportunity to take advantage of low prices while becoming a homeowner.

2. Cheaper and Easier to Repair and Replace

If you have any problems with your home down the road, they’re much cheaper to repair. Plumbing is much easier to fix if something goes wrong compared with a slab foundation underneath traditional homes.

green metal roof on mobile homeIf there are roof problems and it’s a metal roof, they’re much more affordable to repair or replace than with shingle or tile roofing.

The combination of cheaper parts and resources along with the easy accessibility make service calls and repairs much more affordable.

Another benefit is that the heating and cooling systems and other major appliances are generally smaller than for conventional homes, since in many cases they regulate a smaller space.

3. All the Amenities You Could Want

Often times, people are surprised to find out that these homes can offer almost all of the amenities that you will find in more traditional types of housing.

Everything from hardwood flooring to elegant bathrooms can come installed in today’s mobile home. Often times, these upgrades are much more affordable in these homes than with other houses and condos.

4. Reasonable Relocation Costs

Mobile home towed by truckFor people who may want to move in the future, mobile homes provide a practical way to take your home with you.

While not affordable enough for frequent moves, paying to have your house moved a reasonable distance will run between $1,000 – $8,000, depending on where you live, size of home, and a myriad of other factors.

5. Lower Utility Costs

The majority of newer manufactured homes come designed to be both energy and water efficient. Not only do they frequently come with amenities and appliances which save you on your utility bills, they also are designed to be well insulted and cut down significantly on your heating and cooling costs.

These five reasons why mobile homes are better than conventional properties are just a few of the benefits.

These homes make a great choice for anyone thanks to their affordability.

Nowadays, people are not only buying mobile homes because they’re cheaper, they’re purchasing them because they feel they’re a better value for the money. With all of the advances in the marketplace, these are no longer the old “trailers” of the past.

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